PROTECTION against emissions...   

                            ...INCREASE of efficiency

The name SignaSol® stands for a worldwide unique technology for the modification of the glass surface of photovoltaic modules.

A nonparticle material developed especially for the modul glass is applied upon the glass surface and chemically bond with the glass by supplying energy. The surface of the glass is modified suchlike that:

- The affecting solar radiation is used more efficiently
- The performance of the modules is optimized
- A maximum protection against emissions is guaranteed

BRILLIANT technology...
                            ...SIMPLY and INGENIOUS



- protection against various emissions and environmental influences
- maximisation of producted energy and yield
- saving in efforts and costs of cleaning

- more than 6% increase in the sytem efficiency = per annum, depending on the module type and manufacturer
- über 20% peak value increase in the system efficiency = per month, depending on the module type and manufacturer
- über 100% longer cleaning intervals, caused by normal pollution

- a self-cleaning effect, this means less pollution
- faster amortisation time of the installation investment
- highest quality and increase of property value retention