It concerns your financial earnings and the protection of your valuable photovoltaic modules!

Environmental conditions affect the yield of your equipment, even dirt and residue at the frame of your modules bear on the series connections and thus on the earnings of the modules. The yield will be reduced continuously.

Advantages of glass sealing
More yields

Glass sealing changes the structure of the glass surface. More sunlight attains to the photovoltaic modules. An average yield increase of 6% was measured at new modules. Depending on the roof pitch and the location the yield is reduced by dirt from 5%-10 % each year. The changed structure of the glass surface effects a self-cleaning effect.  This self-cleaning effect, known as nano-effect, keeps the photovoltaic modules clean. We guarantee that the yield of sealed modules will increase to 14,2 % within a five yearly average.

More protection

Sealed modules are permanent protected from weathering and leaching. Harmful environmental effects diminish the light transmission and in this manner reduce the earnings. Frequent cleaning of photovoltaic modules scratches the glass surface, so that harmful environmental effects can cling to it easily. By glass sealing the valuable photovoltaic modules are protected for many years.

two lines sealed modules
right side: hydrophobic effect on sealed modules