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Everyone talks about glass protection and nano effects - we do something about it.

On the following sites you get insight into technologies, activities and references of our company.

We want to show you exactly what protecting the glass really can bring you, especially at your photovoltaik modules and glass facades with your cleaning costs and proceeds. It's the people who take action who save money right away - and profit in the long term too. We're pleased to provide you with a general introduction to our glass sealing on the pages that follow.

We can help you save costs - and save the environment at the same time. It makes sense to improve the glass surface in a building or on photovoltaik modules rather than making unnecessary investments in cleaning systems, products and cleaning manpower. If you're giving your building a complete makeover, you can use the right heating systems with sealed photovoltaik modules and design them with maximum efficiency. And above all, you need to think carefully about an investment that's going to last you for at least the next 25 years.

There have been significant technological developments over the last 10 years involving coatings on the glass. There is just one available with these qualities, effects and durability, which is typically called nano-effect. Inform yourself about our excellent and unique products,  convinced and satisfied customers and partners!


Managing Director
Architect / MBA

Heike C. Müller